ThiefMD (Vala)

ThiefMD is a Markdown editor inspired by Ulysses. The code is forked from Quilter. It uses iA Writer Duospace as the font, and Spledor as the preview CSS.

This is the project I use to learn Vala along with trying to satisfy me missing certain applications from my Mac.

libwritegood (Vala)

libwritegood is a port of btford/write-good to Vala. Find passive voice, repeat words, long sentences, weak words, and other style checks.

libwritegood highlights problematic words, phrases, and sentences. Right-clicking on the highlighted words alerts the user of what libwritegood thinks can be improved.

Ulysses & GtkSourceView Theme Generator (Vala)

Keep your Markdown styles consistent between your editors, from macOS to Linux and even Windows?

Theme-Generator provides an interface for picking colors and customizing the way Markdown syntax is rendered. Users can create both a Light and Dark Theme, then export it into various formats. Ulthemes will work with Ulysses and ThiefMD. GtkSourceView Style Schemes will work in gedit, and other editors built on GtkSourceView.

Acme::Skynet (Perl 6)

Acme::Skynet is toy intent identifier. It attempts to extract “useful” information from a phrase and route that information to the proper subroutine. Whether this works well or not is a completely different story.

Read the blog post for more. Look at the BasicIRCBot for an example.

BookMark’d (PHP)

BookMark’d saves links and makes them searchable. BookMark’s indexes pages you find interesting making them easier to access when you want to go back to them.

murderbear (Python)

murderBear was a group chat and video conferencing applications I worked on for my college senior design project. Here’s the project video.

Ray Tracer (Perl)

We were required to write a Ray Tracing program in our favorite language. This is a small ray tracing script written in perl.

Video Transformer (Perl)

In order to understand projective transformations, we wrote applications that would read in user input on a sequence of video frames. Based on the input, we would place another video on top of the original video.